Poly Bag

Poly Bag Product Selection Guide

1.) Measure your product.
Remember that you need a bit of room around your item, so always round up in measurements. Find the product's height, length, and depth.

2.) Choose a MIL thickness.
Bag thickness, or gauge, is measured in "MILs." Gauge designates the thickness of a single wall of poly in the bag. When ordering, gauge is listed as the last dimension in a measurement. You'll find all of our bags listed separately by MIL thickness for quick reference.

3.) Choose a bag style and size.
If your product is flat, a lay flat bag will be a good choice. Thick or deep items are a good fit in gusseted bags. Poly tubing is ideal for products that vary in length.

Lay Flat Size: The first measurement in a lay flat bag is the width across the opening. The length runs from the opening to the base of the bag.
Gusseted Size: Width measures across the opening of the bag. Depth is the fully extended gusset. The length runs from the opening to the bottom.